Monday, August 18, 2008

The End Is Near!

  • Minus an insanely small and dangerous feedzone Grand Beach was a smashing success with a new twist on the "same-old-course". Results are posted. Point of view and pic here. Nice job Allan!
  • MUCR now open for business. That is… All things cross… ok well some things cross… ok a race calendar and cool/clean graphics… but you should take a look and come out to the cross labs!
  • Cross race calendar is out! Start training!
  • Ron - the ideas man - is back in the office and always interested in hearing from you :) 925-5686 or
  • Race results can now be found Here (At least until the new and improved MCA web page goes online)
  • Race posters and such are now found here, here (sometimes), and of course here. Here as well for cross
  • Mountain Bike Provincial Championships are this coming weekend at Birch. Volunteers are badly needed. Please spread the word and Pre-Reg!
  • Rumors... The provincial mountain bike race course is rumored to be the exact opposite to grand beach. ~ 8k per lap of Pure Vertical Baby! Bring It On!!!
  • Congratulations go out to Cory and Nathan on the completion of their first TR. They finished 36th out of 92 competitors in the open men’s cat!

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