Monday, March 23, 2009

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

It has been suggested that what was once the Blunder 100 needs a new name. Never one to resist 'meaningful change' I have generated a list of names that might encapsulates the struggle and tragedy of this challenging 100-mile ride at Spruce Woods (see poll). Help me “new baptize” the blunder and vote for a name, or suggest a better one.

What is this 'event'?
It is an annual epic 100-mile single speed mountain bike ride/race/event held in and around the beautiful and gently rolling terrain that makes up the Western Region of Manitoba Canada. The event will start and finish in the Epinette Trail Parking Lot (8 am sharp!). The multi-use trail systems in and around Spruce Woods are some of the most unique in Manitoba. The “sand dunes shifting on the whim of the wind; unlikely plants like the pincushion cactus; and strange creatures like the hognose snake cause one to wonder....Manitoba?” All the natural wonder that is exhibited along the rambling double-track trails will have you humming as you ride along these rolling cross-country trails. The course is perfect for beginners and exciting for all levels. It will be fast and challenging in good weather, and drain quickly when it rains. Thanks for voting.

The List of Suggestions:

BLUNDURD HUNDURD (original spelling) – Patrick H
Satan's Saucepan (mid bonk creativity) – Greg S


  1. c'mon!
    it was NEVER called "Blunder 100"


    that like calling Canadian Tire, Canadian Tires, or crap like that....

    rant mode off.

  2. Use Paddy's spelling, I like it.

    But if it's the week before provs... I may have to miss it. I guess you could call it Satan's Saucepan 100. but that's just what I was calling it mid Bonk.

  3. What?! Miss it? It is only a 100 miles. You have a whole week to recover ;)

  4. I do it but in the fall with the dogs (after steve told me about that ..though did not know it was paddy's and it was a race with a name..hmmm.who knew..) you could call it the sprucewood crunch..cause the leave always crunch when i ride....though i like BLUNDURD HUNDURD

  5. I agree with Dave,Greg no be missing Blunder Hunderd that's crazy talk and i think Paddy should come back and be our surprise quest racer.

  6. with us being "in the neighborhood" that's likely...Naomi would be there too! :>

  7. Yeah, that close to home... I'll most likely be there with a few more from BDN... then I have a excuse for getting lapped at Provs.

  8. I think it is starting to look like there could be a grand turnout.I hope all the guys that did it last year from Portage come again and maybe more.

    That a boy Greg.

  9. I'm with Paddy on this one, but I'm just a wannabe for this race at this point anyways. Timing didn't jive with my schedule last year ... hopefully this year ... 2 Aug this year right?

    Is this going to be part of the MUERTO/Enduro Series?

  10. for the record, it occurred to me, if memory serves me, that Ian came up with the name the yearr we decided to do this ride/race...4-5 yrs ago