Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday Night Crit In Review

The Yellow Train…

... Steam rolled along.

When he came calling no one had an answer!

More Pic from David Lipnowski Here
Wow, watching a cit is super fun.

I rolled into the parking lot early, which gave me time to enjoy the weather and watch the races; 5 - 4 and finally Cat 3 hammer it out. Big Dave (Olympia) was out for a taste of his first ever Crit, and had a bad case of the nerves. Since this was likely everyone's first Crit race of the year, he was in good company. Admittedly watching the 4-5s braking in every corner (WHY?! ON THIS COURSE?! WHY?!), a ton of near crashes, etc…made me a bit nervous too! The best moment of the night was hands down when Anna S (Bike and Beyond) took the cash primes (pronounced preems) from the boys. Awesome!

The Cat 3 was last, and I watched with anticipation as the usually suspects stayed up front with the Yellow Train (my team-mates - Woodcock) for most of the race. Other slackers were not seen from until the very last lap. A Number of attacks (some better then others) when off the front during the 30-minutes of hammering, but all were eventually pulled back in. I called the final 3-laps to go. Going into the final corner everyone started jockeying for position but the die was cast, Dan (Woodcock) moved into 4th position (or so) behind Coach Marian (Woodcock). A tiny gap developed and Marian jumped with Dan hot on his heels as everyone wound up down the final straight. Then Coach Marian unleashed the fires of hell and scorched the tarmac as he brazed across the finish line with Dan hanging on for 2nd.

The MCA Team put on a super duper Tuesday Night Crit. The comment of the day: "I wish I had raced!". Great job and many thanks Cris Labossiere and Arlene Woodcock, and Ron Brown for their volunteer efforts. Many thanks as well to the nameless corner marshals. If you’re not going to race next Tuesday and you would like the best seats in town, come out and see what all the fuss is about. Come out and watch a Crit!

Results Here

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