Monday, May 17, 2010

Race Report: MB Cup #2 Brandon Hills 2010

Paul B lead out at a walking pace and I settled in behind not wanting to miss the attack that was sure to come. Within 10-seconds Danielle jumped to the front intending to do violence. We all flew up the first long hill at Mach 1 with burning lungs, and screaming legs. When Dan slowed fractionally and look back over his left shoulder I responded in kind hammering around the opposite shoulder. Hurt the weak! Harass the pathetic and break the strong!

After the usually traffic jam for the hole shoot into the first single-track section I was riding comfortably in 2nd with Paul, and one of the hardcore ORS boys who had come all the way from Regina to throw it down! The moderate pace in the single-track forced me to turn the oven down, and drink on the punchy climbs. Wary of the heat I tried not to waste any energy leading when there was no advantage in doing so. By the 2nd lap Paul and I had gaped the field, and worked together to extend our lead. We never looked back.

On the fourth lap Paul decided to demonstrate what “kick your ass,” means. My better judgment kept my aggression in check, and I maintained a comfortable pace as I did not want to exert more effort then the heat or prudence would allow.

Thanks to the BBC and all the volunteers for a great race. Special thanks to Kimi for her most excellent feed zone work. Next on deck is the Back 40.


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Notable Moments:

1. JP’s blood bath.

2. Receiving the leader’s pate. Sweet!

3. Cutting trail ‘just before the race’. WTF?

4. Suffering the fastest, hardest and longest lead out… ever

5. Creative time checks from Greg ;)

6. Nearly missing a corner at 45 km. Very scary!

7. Learning that Cris L had won his Cat. Well done old man!

Keep the rubber down


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  2. RE: Cutting the trail.

    It was not an issue of "cutting the trail" before the race - that implies that they were still setting up the trail just prior to the race start and that was not the case. During my pre-ride I though there was one branch that would could be a potential hazard during race conditions and I asked the organizers (Carl and Mike) to see if it was possible to take this down. They scrambled but did find someone to take care of this making the course safer to ride. This happens at all races and is to be expected.

  3. You can't please all of the people all of the time, and why would you try or expect them to be...

    That is no reason to stop organizing. You do your best, you reflect and learn, then grow and change. Progress comes from feedback (a.k.a "bitching").

    I had a great time and enjoyed every minute of my race experience.

    Thanks BBC!

  4. I like the last photo in your post. The older of the two kids started pedalling on two wheels this past week (after the inspiring first race experience) and won't quit for snacks or meals. He's game for biking over a small teeter totter already, but probably not a 24 hour solo ride. (He needs his nap)
    He's only been in Canada 3 months!
    Proud dad, Lincoln