Monday, August 10, 2009

26 days until the party begins!

24 x 5-min intervals for a 100km of climbing is what I pounded off today in prep for XC8! You…
23 (2 divided by 3 = 666) the sign of the hell you are sure to suffer at XC8
22 Grams is the weight of the rear derailleur fixing bolt I don’t have on my single speed
21 = 2 wheels and 1 gear is all you need for XC8 20/20 vision is definitely required to navigate the awesome techincal single track at XC8
19th century saw the birth of the bicycle and they now number about one billion worldwide, twice as many as automobiles, celebrate the greatest invention by racing XC8
18 is a stupid number and has nothing to do with XC8
17 laps completed by the winner Pat Doyle in 2005!
16.5 lbs flash out of the box… wouldn’t I love to race that at XC8
15 years old is how I feel when I join the call to the line
14 years I raced off road
13 or more laps will be need to win in 2009
12-hours of driving for a life time of good memories
10 Lost Manitoban souls ready to enter purgatory... so far
9 Manitoban do-gooders not quiet ready to sell their souls to the Devil
8% of the registrations are Manitobans… we can do better!
6 Categories… One for every interest and ability
September 5th, 2009 we Rock and Roll!
September 4 is the day we pack the kitchen sink and head out to Buffalo Pound
3 podium spots… could you be one…
2-wheels are all you need
One Love One Gear

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