Monday, May 25, 2009

HTFUp! Training: Week in Review - Encounters

If you’ve ever had an old “ex” on the brain then you can relate. Well I didn’t but she did. That is, an old old ex-girlfriend had been thinking about me and located me with facebook. Now if your “ex’es” were like mine they can be lumped into two basic categories: ones that were amazing and your recollections are filled with loving memories of and passion filled nights. You remember growing laughing and loving. Then there’s the Encounter of The Third Kind; you know what I mean. When you think back on these adductions you still give yourself a ‘what was I thinking’ whack to the forehead. Every person has some of those cheating partners in their distant past. However, just because the relationship was a nuclear disaster or one-big-mistake doesn’t mean you’re not interested in finding out what happened to her over the years. Right? Well that’s were I was at when I accepted a ride to what might prove to be the best race of the year – Brandon.

After we at chatted on Facebook I started to reflected on my past. I remembered that I learned, grew and changed with each new relationship. I also I recognized that in those quiet moments we all have from time to time I would occasionally wonder what their lives were like now. It would seem that many others share the same feelings I was experiencing. This is the same curiosity that drives social networks like Facebook, and motivates people to type other people’s names into search engines. It’s a kind of voyeuristic stalking.

I dated this woman in high school, and I was thinking it would be interesting to reminisce, to catch up with an old girlfriend of mine while driving out to and back from the race. Is she married, divorced, fat, rich, poor, successful? Does she have kids? Grandkids? I convinced myself she’d be energetic, full of grand ideas and intellectual rebellion. It is easy to forget about those scary ex-girlfriends and rewrite history - I remember them to be smart, funny, attractive and talented. That’s just the way I am. I like to see the good in people.

Well history has a way of repeating itself. She, my ex, decided to back out ‘last minute’ and all the memories I had banished came back too me in a flash. It all had a very familiar feel. The feeling of being dumped all over again!

If there is a lesson to be learned from this encounter of the ‘ex-kind’ it might be that nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. Or perhaps Alice Childress had the right of…

“Who wants to live with one foot in hell just for the sake of nostalgia? Our time is forever now!”

That’s me,

Ride your bike!

4 hours off road on the Redline Cross fixie 44-17.

Tuesday: 3–hour with 41-minute tempo out-of-the-saddle

Wednesday: 3-hours “”

Thursday: 3-hours “”

Friday: Had to work all day.

Saturday: (Still hoping to race Brandon) 60-minutes plus good stretch

Sunday: Race Cup #2 when off without a hitch but I was the one person in the universe who did not bust a nut on what might prove to be the best course of the year. As a consolation prize I put in 6-hours on the fixie with SLTs at BHP.


  1. That sounds like it could have been real scary.6 hr ride sounds pretty good to though.F!!!K the beeash.