Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remember When?

Remember when the cyclocross race at Omands Creek was cancelled? Remember how disappointed we all were? You probably also remember how some last-minute creative thinking, and a ‘Hail Mary Pass’ saved the day. How we got permission to race at La Barrier. That was one touch down to remember!


That course was not a dirt road race, nor a mountain bike race, nor a wimpy ass one-barrier stay on your bike for the whole race race. That was a real cross race for hard men and women. 

I know there will not be any music, or throngs of screaming fans, nor a beer garden. I know it has not had a propaganda machine pumping it up 24/7. I also know it is probably fair to say that no race will ever one-up Dark Cross. I know I know I know… but… it is possible that La Barrier might be E V E N B E T T E R T H E N M E N N O C R O S S! Maybe. I do know that you had better bring your climbing legs, and be prepared to get off your cross bike and run like Usain Bolt. 

Have a hardy breakfast and save the whine for dinner. 

Don't get mad. Get Cross! 

Coach Dave

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