Friday, July 31, 2009

Question of the day - Blundurd 100

To Whom It May Concern:

The People have spoken and I have listened. Power to the people!

The Blundurd has and will always be the Blundurd. However settling on a date has proven a far greater task. That is the question of the day. The Blundurd was originally the weekend of July 4th, but was (understandably) bumped by RTB. Then August 2nd was suggested but that is just too close to Mountain Bike Provincials. Which leave two possible dates. I have been thinking of the Sunday after Mountain Bike Provincials (August 9th) - which is unfortunately the same day as Muddy H20. The other date is August 30th – a week before Given the givens I think the 9th is the best date. Doubleing up will make it a weekend to remember. Hopefully, next year we can get this all sorted out and add the Blundurd to the MUTERO calendar.


Coach Dave.

More information Here
Looks like EVERYONE is going to ride-race Muddy H20 so until we decide otherwise the Blundurd100 is postponed due to rain.


  1. bummer, we're still kinda stranded out here....oh well

  2. If you can there are some people meeting at 9am Spruce Woods ANY WAY to ride. I am sure the like of you and your better half will be welcome. Bring Dallas and his better half.

  3. we're in B-town, sans bikes, only running shoes...and no's wierd alright...but my Mom's a wicked cook!

  4. Sorry for all the trouble… that kinda sucks, but is super cool to have your Mom cook for you, no matter what your age!