Monday, August 18, 2008

Head Count for XC8

Hal Confirmed Single Speed (big wheels)

Patrick Confirmed (New set of Big Wheels)

Patrick’s better half (i.e., Naomi) Confirmed (Multi or SS... but probably multi... either way she will kick your ass!)

Tomek... Has completely dissapeared

Cam? Single Speed (new big wheels) Rumor is he is coming

Greg... undecided (Multi)

Luk… (SS or Multi?) Confirmed

John… (trying to sell his 1 x 1 if you are interested go to Oly) Confirmed

Kevin? (Multi Speed) not coming

Cory? (Multi Speed) Rumor is he is coming

Nathan? (Multi Speed) Rumor is he is coming

Nathan’s better half? (Multi Speed)

Don… Not coming

Billy boy? (Multi Speed)

Bill Algeo his son his bro and a friends Confirmed

Mike (Bonnie?) and Shawn Confirmed







PS. The have both a 29er and single speed cat within the solo open!


  1. ahem...the wheels are old, the feame is course you know the drivetrain set-up...

  2. Still undecided you guys tent? I would probably come without the Family, but do you eat all meals at the site? (Fri night, sat morn I mean) I have a hibachi as my only camp stove, but could make it work. Do I have to stay far away from you guys, because I'm a lamer with gears??? Ha.. just messin'

  3. the category thing cracks me up, I wonder if they have a sub-cat for blue bikes too....?