Saturday, August 16, 2008

Updates On The Scene…

If you have not read this you should. More importantly, if you have not volunteered you should... that is if you want your sport to survive. It is easy to point finger, easier still to do nothing, but it is always best to get involved and make a difference. Sport is built on its volunteer base.

Cory and Nathan are rocking the house at the Trans Rockies, and now sit in 29th place!

Pre-registration is threateningly low for this weekend’s Cup Race at Grand Beach. Yes GB is the same old, but it is close and friendly for the sport and citizen riders. Spread the word and get all your buddies out to show their support. Allan has promised a new and exciting twist for the last point’s race. The weather is going to be smoking hot, and the price is just right.

XC8 is only 19 days away a-n-d you don’t need Big Ones to do this race. Just show up and have fun. You can leave Friday after work, race Saturday and return in time for a good night of sleep before work on Monday. The ORS boys show up in the spring and support our race seen, now we need to return the favor... And I for one, am looking forward to watching Patrick show Mr. Doyle how to ride a bike :)

People are building their cross bikes…. Get excited! 85 Days!

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