Monday, July 21, 2008


Congratulations to Patrick on his first Alberta race, and on doing so well considering the 2 flats and a broken chain. Looks like Mr. Dolye suffered a similar fate. Too bad… it would have been nice to see how our best fairs against theirs.

Congratulations Don and Billy on moving up into 11th place in the Trans Alps on Stage 3

Congratulations Leah Kirchmann on her 40th Place finishes at Junior Road Worlds! She was only 36 seconds off the lead. It must have been a wild finish.

Congratulations go out to Greg on his first Expert race. Imagine how well he would have done if he wasn’t riding at 110 bpm!

Congratulations for Anna Schappert who race at Mountain Bike Nationals on the weekend!

Congratulations Hal for kicking my ass at Pinawa. When he put it down I had no answer! Dam the Beavers! I definitely have some grudges for the fall. Good luck at USA 24-Hour Nationals!!!

Congratulations to both Chris and Nathan for finishing a very tough, muddy, rocky and sticky race with broken seats!

Congratulations to Dylan for his must fantastic 3rd Place finish in his first Canada Cup Race! 3rd Place!!!


  1. ahhhh.. er... it was 170... I can't read when I try to keep up! Not sure if I can even see.

  2. is it a beaver grudge or a grudge against me?