Monday, July 7, 2008

Suffer Fest!!!

Max Temp: 20.9°C
Precip: 0.0 mm
Course: Dry... but not too dry
Start Time: 8:15.... aaaa Ok I was late and started at 9:50 am

Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Total Time Distance

1st Dave 1:50 1:50 1:59 2:03 TT 8:12:46* 100 miles (160 km) SS
2nd Don 1:55 2:02 2:21 2:19 TT 8:37** 100 miles (160 km) Gears
2nd Cory 1:55 2:02 2:21 2:19 TT 8:37 100 miles (160 km) Gears
3rd Nathan 1:55 2:02 2:42 -------- TT 6:39 75 miles (126 km) Gears
4th Greg 1:55 2:22 ----------------TT 4:28 50 miles (84 km) Gears
5th Gord 2:00 2:32----------------TT 4:53 50 miles (84 km) Gears
6th Dan 5:07 ---------------------TT 5:06 ?? km Advernture Ride ;) Gears
7th Seema 4:0645 ------------------ TT 4:06:45 55 km? Advertrue Ride ;) Gears

* New course record. Single Speed 38/16
** I am not sure who crossed the line first, but if Cory had not gone back out both Don and I would have packed it in!

Best Crash: Seema.. bust her helmet and knocked herself silly
Toughest Nut: Cory
Fastest Newbie: Greg


  1. You guy's are nutz! and Cory- he's got some endurance! I got stung by a wasp, in the forehead.. twice!!- no excuses though, I wasn't drinking enough, can never tell with that camelbak... I had fun though, too bad I missed ya.

  2. What a to do 75 hard miles and still feel like a wimp because of you three freaks...

    Nicely done...

  3. I was stung 2x as was (inside my shirt). If you are peeing clear every hour you are drinking enough. I downed 3 liters ~ every 120 minutes, 1 gel, 2 bananas and some gator aide. Before the last lap I had some yummy pasta. I should have had and extra 500 ml before lap 3 (which was the hottest).

    75 “off road” miles is an insane distance! The 8-hour at Birch in the fall is going to be very very hard. But after the TransRockies everything will seem like a peace of cake.

  4. good job to everyone and way to go dave for beating the old course record.what a perfect day to do a ride like's always fun to try and find your limt then push past it.

  5. awesome!!!!
    I think there are going to be some crazy fast legs this summer.
    hours of birch? whens that?

    Dallas " I love my cross bike" Sigurdur

  6. well done everyone. wish i could have been there - went to tyndall in case anyone showed up for reach the beach to offer apologies, some bike gear, and some gas money for their inconvenience. nice to see that so many did so well. its a tough ride because once you are committed to a lap there is little room to bail.

  7. The next race is July 2oth Pinawa which should be interesting. Has anyone ridden there before? What is it like? Then the MB TT at Bur Oak on the 3rd of August and the last MB Cup race August 13th is back at GB. Next is MB Provincials at Birch on the 24th and I hope we really have a good showing for that one. I also hope everyone has been putting on their running shoes over the summer for the Duathlon September 10th and the beginning of the Cross season. Finally the 8-Hours of Pain at Birch was kindly moved to the 21st so those who love to suffer could try their hand at XC8. There are rumors of yet another 8-hour in Howard’s Ville the last weekend of September. Hopefully, everyone will be clearing their schedule and taking time off work to go to cross Nationals.

    September 6th XC8
    September 14th Cross #1 and the Bow 80 in Alberta
    September 21st 8-Hour of Pain at Birch
    September 27th Buffalo Pound 60k
    September 28th Cross #2

    Oct 11th Cross Nationals!!!

  8. yo, we were up in Canmore yesterday....looked around for Dylan, but couldn't spot him, if he's back in MB tell him congrats on his CCup result at the Nordic center

  9. I will pass the message on. He is still out west, working and riding, but taking a little time out to repair a separated AC.


    thought you might like it.

    keep the rubber to the ground