Monday, July 21, 2008

Wanted: owners for 1,500 stolen Toronto bicycles

TORONTO (Reuters) - Toronto police are looking for the owners of some 1,500 bicycles they have recovered after raids on a shop, home and storage garages across Canada's biggest city.

Police put more than 200 of the bicycles on display, giving the owners a chance to claim their stolen property.

"More than 50 bicycles have so far been identified and returned to their rightful owners, including one bicycle that was stolen eight years ago," a police statement said.
The shop owner, arrested during a police sting operation last week, faces charges of theft, attempted theft, possession of stolen property and possession of tools for use in burglary.
Toronto cyclists often describe their city as one of the bike theft capitals of North America, if not the world.

But figures from lockmaker Kryptonite, cited by the Toronto Sun newspaper last week, says Toronto, unlike Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, is not even in North America's Top 10.


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  2. i don' t know about the world. Holland is pretty crazy, no matter how good the lock is.

    as for all those bikes. i know thieves in winnipeg will "move" the bikes they steal to T.O. to sell, so they might not be all "stolen" from T.O.

    still pretty crazy.

    but not as crazy at the tour for stage 15! tomorrow is going to be AWSOME!