Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Osborne Bridge during its rehabilitation

posted at May 10, 2011 09:00 (about 24 hours ago)
Tuesday May 10 update:
This morning they started ticketing cyclists on the Osborne Bridge sidewalk. $111 a ticket.
A cyclist reports:

"This morning there was a police cruiser parked at the north end of Osborne bridge, waiting for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk and ticket them. The woman I talked with was in tears. She had little option in rush hour traffic but to go on the sidewalk, which was relatively clear at the time. She was tagged $111. The officer tried to explain the narrow situation created by a cyclist; however, my explanation that a person walking with a bicycle takes up nearly the whole sidewalk was met with a blank stare. Similarly, my later suggestion to the police officer prevent the infraction by going to the gas station on the south side and asking cyclists to dismount was met with a blank stare. As the ticket was being written up, numerous cyclists also rode on the sidewalk, and about a dozen peds J-walked across Osborne, stopping rush hour traffic in a confusing and dangerous mess. The second officer did nothing to rationalize this situation. It is likely that a similar trap program will be conducted on the commute home this week, and on other bridges."

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  1. that it total horseshit. I say we organize a mass cyclist-crossing of Osbourne bridge on the sidewalk.