Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manitoba Mountain Bike Cup #2: Grand Beach - Motivation UPDATED


New Trails!

Race Course: UPDATE


The adult course is approximately 9 km in length. The race direction is runs counter-clockwise. The race surface is a combination of hard packed trails, rocks, roots, loose sand, and gravel. There are large and small rock to go around and over, including roots. There is a combination of single and double track and is up and down in nature with few flat sections; there are 210 meters of elevation gain over the length of the course.

Please pre-reg


  1. Dave, I am not involved with this race, but I think the text you posted here, was from Provincial's last year. I think they just reused the text from last year on the MCA site for the Olympia race. So, I'm not sure if this is accurate. Maybe Hal could let us know?

  2. Agreed. I was thinking it sounded familiar. Hal?

  3. Dave, If I Gave you a Go-Pro, could you pre-ride the course and send me video, so that I can "virtual pre-ride"?

    Just kidding, however, these "rocks" you speak of...am I going to die? ;)

    Aaron C.

  4. Aaron: Challenging for some, and interesting for others. We rode the "gardens" back and forth last week for ~2-hours and only dabbed a few times. Die? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Ridable? You bet.

    Kevin: Word on the street is the race will be run clockwise.

  5. Aaron - the rock gardens are TOTALLY rideable, you might dab here or there, but they are not scary or crazy hard. Most important thing is just keep your momentum and go over them as straight as possible.

    There is a video on our clubs blog showing some of the rock sections at Grand, not too scare at all.


  6. Great video Kevin. Did you film it yourself? What camera?

    See Aaron... If Kevin can ride it anyone can ;)

    I think GB is gonna rock... he he he

  7. Yup, did it myself, just a Kodak PlaySport. Just put it on the ground and ride by - easy peasy.