Thursday, September 30, 2010

Race Report: Menno Cross 2010

The Pre-Ride

Dreaming, planning, hoping, testing, preparing to find my zone
An important race
A game I play with my heart
A game that must be won
Call-to-the-line and we are planted like seeds
Old insecurities spread through my body like disease
I invite doubts of failure to fuel my internal fire
I pray for confidence and find the calm before the storm

The Race
The bell heralds a call to war!
Attack attack attack
First comes the mud, bring it on!
Then comes the break go go go
Lap two, disbelieve, resolution, commitment
Apprehension is gone
Hesitation is eliminated
An athletes body takes over
A test of faith begins
Encouraging words float through the air unheard
Cameras uncover hidden moments
Friend turn enemies who are watching, are waiting, and wanting me to fail
Enemies turn to friends working together, encouraging, supporting

Deep in the cave of pain I am lost to myself
A game to play with my heart
A game that must be won
A message from God
A clarion call like a beam of light lifts my heart
I remember who I am
I remember the meaning of suffering
I remember why I struggling up the mountain

Shortness of breath and a beating heart is all I can hear

I survived

Happiness flows through arms, my legs, my heart
I am at peace composed, cool, still

Thank you Pavlos

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