Thursday, September 30, 2010

MB Cyclocross #3: La (The) Barrier October 3rd 2010

I know you were worried, and probably couldn’t sleep. Rest assured that ‘people’ have been working diligently to make certain that the race is a go. People have been losing sleep so that you can test your toughness and grit. People have been stepping up to make this the best Cross season on record. I am super excited about the possibilities of this new race venue, and I hope you are too. In fact I hope you are so excited that you will also step-up and lend a hand. I hope you will become one of 'those people' working to ensure we have a stronger, vibrant cycling community. Please support all the people who are trying to support you by joining the fun on Sunday, or helping to set-up the course on Saturday.

Race Notes:

Assembly and Seeding (from the
Riders in the B and A races will assemble 10 minutes before the scheduled race start and will be called to the start line in seeded order. Seeding is based on placement in the first two races of the 2010 season Riders who have not raced yet will start at the back of their group. The seeding list will be available on by Saturday.

Note: Although seeding racers sucked last week (I was dead last), it has improved this week (as I have moved up from dead last into 6th overall). Sadly I will need bionic legs to improve on my race series participation results... or a crazy technical race with lots of mud, barriers, sand and belligerence.

More Information: Here

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