Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TDF: Conflict Resolution

Alberto Contador: It was certainly a hard stage. Right from the second kilometre of the stage there were only 14 riders in the peloton.

Gérard Holtz: There were whistles on the podium. Did it shock you to hear that?

AC: No, I can respect why…

GH: Hang on, sorry for interrupting you, but we’ve got another guest here. Andy, can you sit down? Alberto?

AC: We are very good friends and we can’t let that friendship be ruined by what has happened.

GH: Andy, what do you think when you hear Alberto say that?

Andy Schleck: We did speak to each other today. What we all saw yesterday was not something that you want to see in a race, but sometimes things like that do happen. Alberto said to me that it was simply something that’s part of racing. I told him that it’s all fine now. The Tour de France is going to be won by the rider with the best legs, and there is certainly going to be a great battle between the two of us the day after tomorrow.

GH (referring to the video that Contador posted on Youtube in the evening after stage 15): Alberto, is it true that you apologised to Andy?

AC: Yes. I didn’t need to. But we’ve got a very strong friendship and it was for that reason that I wanted to apologise yesterday evening.

AS: I realise that after what happened at Spa the race could already have been over for me. That day the peloton waited for me. Yesterday the situation wasn’t the same, and I realised that I shouldn’t fret about it too much.

GH: You’re like now two boxers preparing for the final rounds on the last Pyrenean stage and also in the final time trial.

AS: Yes, eight second is nothing at all.

GH: Laurent Fignon and Greg LeMond know that all too well…

AS: In the final week of the Tour de France eight seconds between him and me is nothing at all. I think that the Tour will be decided on the Tourmalet and that the first one to the summit will be the man who wins the Tour de France.

GH: Can you also tell those members of the public who have been jeering Alberto that they should stop because once again today there was a scene that was disrespectful of all those who love cycling…

AS: Yes, er…

GH: Can you say it directly into that camera?

AS (looking directly into the camera): Everyone stop that! Do it for me.

GH: That’s good to hear because I think it is right to respect the yellow jersey and also to respect great champions.

AC: I just want to say many, many thanks for that my friend.

GH: Thank you to both of you champions.

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