Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ned Overend

Wins US Single Speed Nationals


  1. can't be! come on, he's got a visor on, not even running a Niner bike, front suspension? super easy gear 34 - 21... how can you win on that setup? it's not april 1st is it? ;)

  2. That frame is a low end lump of metal, the visor is old-school cool (I personally hate it), nine what? Super easy gear in WinterPeg and it works for Greg.

    "The engine is my legs!"

    Ned is my hero!

  3. 34-21....seems about right...but what do I know...
    lotsa familiar names on those results too...

  4. Yup. Would love ta do it. Why the hell don't we have that a Nationals?

  5. prolly because a singlespeed is just another bike...and because Nationals gets about as many people out as a cup race...alright, back in my cave until Saturday...