Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24-Hours of Falcon: Let The Suffering Begin

24 Hours of Falcon Ridge: Registration confirmed
Manitoba Cycling Association
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Name: Coach Dave
Email: coachdave@wtfareyouthinking
Phone: I will call you

Organization: Manitoba Cycling Association
Event: 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge
Date/Time: Sat, 24-Jul-2010 - Sun, 25-Jul-2010
Location: Falcon Ridge Resort, Falcon Lake, MB

Person 1: Coach Dave
Category: Solo Male, Cdn$ 60.00
Refund Policy: Why would I want my money back. This is gonna rock!
Total Person 1: Cdn$ 60.00. Worth every cent.

Reminder: Yes
Note: This is gonna hurt bad :)

Total Fee: Just right

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