Sunday, May 2, 2010

What not to do the day of the race!

10. Skip breakfast thinking it is only a 2-hour race

9. Pack everything but the kitchen sink when you only need the kitchen sink

8. Forgo carrying a tube and pump because you “never flat” or are "running tubless"… Burp!

7. Yap during the final instructions then ask what the lap count will be

6. Take some others racer’s water bottle from the feed zone WTF?

5. Wear your gitch under your race kit

4. Complain because the race has bumps, hills and single track

3. Give up because…

2. Forget to thank the volunteers, and leave your sh*t on the ground after the race expecting others to clean up after you

1. Warm up expecting the race to start on time!

When all is said and done, it's not the pass, the sprint or when you cleaned the technical section that you remember, but the friendships you made along the way


  1. 11. Loose your water bottle on the first downhill, leave nothing in the feed zone because "it's cold". finish the race on 5 sips of water.

  2. And you still took 3rd on a *&^%$* single speed. You rocked the house!

  3. J.P. runs better on beer anyways.

  4. Dave- thanks man! Gotta say, the single speed was a great time. My favorite thing is that it's so quiet. The bike feels like it's always there, and predictable (how i ride it maybe not so much).

    Greg- hmmm... beer... when I used to play in a band i couldn't even manage my parts after 2 beers- my fingers turned to mush on the frets... there's no way i'd even stay on the trail

    BTW- great ride to both of ya's!!