Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday: A day of firsts

Fist day without studying :)

First day with some free time :)

First day on the bike in over a week!

First 20-minutes felt like a “bag of sh*t”

First 60-minutes felt like being reborn

First monkey trail ride in cycling shorts

First broken spoke of the year

First broken pedal of the year :(

First 4-hour Friday ride

First ride with my sweet new hydra pack

First Bald Eagle encounter of the 3rd kind

First day without any mud

First blisters

First time being chased by a swarm of horse flies in April!

First head-on with a bee :(

First irate drive screaming at me :

First flat tyre

First flying dismounts since I tore the hammy :)

First suntan of the year :)

I hope you got one too.

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