Monday, April 19, 2010

First Mountain Bike Ride 2010: A Study in Contrasts

1C in the morning and 23C in the afternoon

The solitude of an early morning training ride replaced with the excitement of a group ride

Riding with new friends, and pacing with old buddies

Ice on the lake and sweat on my brow

Fatigue in my legs and a smile on my face

An old race course reborn


  1. Getting a little poetic there!

    See you soon speedy.

    - the slow guy

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  3. I am poetic in the same way you are the ‘slow guy’.

  4. touché

    We shall soon see!

    May have to go up to the beach a day early to figure my gear.... inches

  5. aha, you're both being modest.

    Im always just that much more tired when I ride with you Dave.

    another note worthy contrast
    my 34X17 to your 40x17,
    one of us must be crazy.

  6. I will race 40/16 if the conditions are good. Last year was 38/16. Hal: 36/18 (?), Luk 36/17 (?) and can spin like a pin wheel... but both are on big wheels. You?

  7. There you go... 34/17... spin like a humming bird! I betting on Luk for a win :)

  8. I will HAVE to spin like a hummingbird... but I will be having fun.. I love that wagon wheeled bike!
    wv: coching