Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Those Fat Old Guys In SPANDEX are at it again!

From the FOG Blog

Weather looks good for Saturday. If it holds the first ride will take place at the Legion at 10:00 a.m. Try to arrive early as Anne Marie will need to check paper work. You will also need to fill out a waiver. It is attached to the email I sent out. Fill it out ahead of time.

EVERY SINGLE RIDER MUST HAVE PAID THEIR MCA AND CLUB MEMBERSHIPS. We will be checking. If you have not you will NOT be allowed to take part in the ride. Due to the terms of the CCA insurance if any rider takes part without MCA/CCA membership the insurance for the entire group is voided. Step by step instructions

Bottom Line:

This is the best, biggest, and most professional bike club in sunny Manitoba. If you get a chance to have a ride with them it is a great experience, even if they are a little slow, and a little fat, and old. But aren’t we all?

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