Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clarification of UCI Time Trial Bicycle Frame Regulation

After receiving updates from the UCI regarding the compliance of time trial bicycle frames and questions from our members, the Canadian Cycling Association wishes to clarify the bicycle rules that will be enforced for the 2010 season

All technical regulations must be strictly observed in World Calendar events and in class HC and class 1 events on the Continental Circuits. In Canada this applies to:

• U23 Coupe des Nations Ville de Saguenay
• Men’s 1.1 or 2.1 events
• ProTour

However, to avoid penalizing riders participating in lower category events, a tolerant attitude can be applied to time trial frames, as an exception until December 31, 2010, solely for the following events:

• Class 2 events
• Women’s Calendar events
• Junior Calendar events
• Masters categories (men and women)
• National Championships

The application of UCI rule 1.3.024 (3/1 aspect ratio) to handle bars will be applied at UCI races, Nationals Championships and National Racing calendar events as well as other UCI bicycle rules (weight, wheel type, rider position).

UCI Technical Regulations for Bicycles (PDF)

Courtesy CCA

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