Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updates On The Seen

Birch Fall Classic was perfect combination of fast rolling hills, short grunts and the flowing prairie single track we all love. Results are up Here, and pics are Here, Here, and Here. Wow! Lowdown Here , Here, and Here. I might have something to add when time allows.

XC8 pics are up HERE, and at the official web site HERE. More to come when I get some time. Study study study!

Everyone is getting blinged up for Cross season. I might have a new secret weapon someday soon!

Running man is injured again (bummer!) but will likely race Wildwood anyway. Can you blame him?

Patrick might be spotting a new ride on in the near future. Much deserved!

Newbie Greg has thrown the gauntlet down for 2009. Cross?

Armstrong is back. Did he ever really leave? Dude don’t test positive now!!!

We are one step looker to having Provincial Cross at the Forks! More details as they become available.

Big changes are coming down the pipe for the MCA... More details as they become available.

Due to exam conflicts I am out for Cross Nats. Feel my pain.

Dan and soon to be wife are getting a proper send off this Sunday. Cross style. Be Here! Black tie special "race" is in honor of Daniel and Sydney's wedding day.

"They are getting married later in the afternoon and they'll come to the park for some photos and Daniel will be doing the black tie race. Black tie race has voluntary participation fee"
- Olli Hyytiäinen

Kids go free at Southern and Woodhaven Cross!


  1. Hey Dave, what kinda gear ratio would be good on a ss crosser? I mean for me--- not so strong, puny legs, type.


  2. harder than that fella!


    sorry to hear you can't make it to Edmonton Dave, this seems to be the week of bad news.

  3. Thanks Paddy, tryin to find the cash for Luc's ride.

  4. Ya Nats is a bummer!

    I raced 40/16 on the mountain bike at Civic Cross and lead the race for the 1/3 (flats/downhill/up hill/barriers) but found I could not keep the pace by the end on the slower grassy flats with the road ‘specialist’. 40/16 was spiny on the flats (but just as fast as the geared riders – however, they could have dropped me if they tried). I climbed all the hills (arguably the hilliest of the cross courses in town). Diesel-Hal L switch last minute to a 39/17 (I think), Tomek 39/16, Tim L 32/18, Dave L 39/17.

    I have been toddling around on the Redline Cross (700c wheels so add two teeth for a mb) on a 42/17 which is spiny on the grass, but for me (and Patrick :) a 40-42/16 would be a better race gear (but not in the mud). Dylan (who is ubber strong – but lacking endurance and is a bit of a masher) is training on and will probably race on a 39/16… the same gear Tomek (who has the highest cadence in the province) is racing on his sub 17 lbs True Love.

    You? Hard to say but I would suggest an easy gear for survival –at least in the beginning while you cut your Cross teeth. 2:1 (e.g., 32/16) is the standard recommended setup for beginners ‘off road’ (which you might consider cross if it is wet/muddy/hilly), I race 3:1 on the road and Cross falls somewhere in-between (every course is a little different). If you are a masher (Mr. Doyle, Patrick and I would too some degree fall in this cat) and strong, a bigger gear is good. However, bigger is less aerobic and taxes your core (e.g., sore lower back). I suggest you find a 1 km loop, put in 2 barriers, and ride some TTs with different gear ratios to figure out which works for you. All the better if you can get a multi speed rider to push-pull you around the course so you can get a feel for what a race will be like. Remember, however, we race for 60-minutes plus 2 lap. The race doesn’t start until the last two laps and you want to be around for when the going gets tough!

  5. Thanks Dave, I am more of a spinner than masher, so might look at the 39 - 16ish range... I fired off a email to Luc, now that I've almost caught up on the funds, but maybe he's sold it already.. then I will have to start searchin for something or show up on the old Amp. Can't stop thinking of SS since I tried that Truelove!

  6. greg another way to find out what gearing works is ride your GEARED bike in one gear for a couple of laps... shift and repeat until you find what works best. or you can borrow my cross bike any time, just wash it and lube the chain. it has gears though and weighs more than your mtb (serious)... or just race your mtb.

    if going SS - error on the side of too easy. these guys have all been riding and racing SS for many years, don't compare yourself to them.

    over and out.

  7. Going from the True Love to anything else it like going to from a BMW to a Dodge Dart!