Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blundurd Hundurd - Start List

Coach Dave
Too Fast To Go Slow Seema Confirmed
Eat My Dust Ed Confirmed
Kick Your Ass Dan the Man Confirmed
Dynamite Don Confirmed (by Cory)
Bust Your Balls Bill?
Can't Stop Now Cory Confirmed
Never Surrender Nathan Confirmed (by Cory)
Gear Head Greg Confirmed
Leonardo Maybe
Cam Maybe
Tom Maybe

We might just have more racers then pre-registered for RTB!

Looks like we have 2 Trans Rockies racers, 2 Trans Alps racers, one 5 times Provincial Champion (running), a Chef with a wicked set of Big Wheels, an almost Expert racers, and a professional student among others ready to throw it down on Sunday.

Are there any other takers?

PS I think today is Patrick’s B-Day. Have a good one dude!


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  2. hey dave,

    i'll be there and will try hard to drag along some extra bodies.