Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blundurd Hundurd

A door close but a window opens: Here is the deal. Reach The Beach is cancelled - Get over it!

Let us make the most of this fine weekend. 4 Laps of the Epinette trail at SpruceWoods Provincial Park this Sunday, July 6th The ride/race/event will start at 8 am Sunday morning so everyone riding all 4 laps can be home in time for a late dinner.

Spruce Woods:
Sand dunes shifting on the whim of the wind; unlikely plants like the pincushion cactus; and strange creatures like the hognose snake cause one to wonder....Manitoba? This is the truly unique Spirit Sands. Within minutes you're staring down at an eerie blue-green oasis of spruce trees and a spring-fed pond. This is the Devils Punch Bowl. By mid-afternoon you're enjoying the coolness of riverbank forests, wandering through the sweet mixed-grass prairie and lingering at the striking views from the Steels Ferry Overlook. All of this is Spruce Woods, a unique mixture of natural contrasts and wondrous adventures.

Park Directions
Leaving Winnipeg on HWY 1 west, travel 160 km/99.4 mi. to the junction with PTH 5 at Carberry, drive south 20 km/12.4 mi. to the park.

Park Map

Course Record: 8 hr 14 min

What you can expect:
+2 hour self supported laps with super hot and dry weather, very bumpy if you are ridged - but should be fine with a pogo stick, a great deal of sand, a few technical descents, mostly double track, and some carnivorous wild life, potential for sever summer thunder storms with strong winds, hail and heavy rain, tornados are a real possibility.

Event/Race Details

  • The laps are 42km each (not 40k), and the end of each lap is less than 1/2 a km from the trailhead/parking lot. It's super-easy to restock supplies.

  • This is a "competitive event". There will be no Commissaries or First Aid persons. The honor systems rules will be in effect.
  • You Are Responsible for your own safety.

  • The trail is fairly well marked, but there a 2 or 3 intersections were you need to have your eyes wide open.

  • This is meant to be a single speed event BUT gear heads are welcome to suffers with their single speed friends.

  • Wear your helmet!

  • Bring the appropriate food, and equipment. Bring all the h20 you will need. I do not think there is any drinkable water on site.

  • This will be great training for Trans-Rockies, Trans-Alps, Trans-Germany Trans whatever you want.

  • Invite all those who are able to complete the distance without dieing. Lets make this the event R-T-B should have been.

  • Weather for Sunday: Sunny. Low 18. High 27.

It would be nice to get some idea of who might join me.

Maybe we should make this the Single Speed Championships?!

Otherwise, see ya Sunday Morning.

Coach Dave.

PS. PS. For those faint of heart who might like a more leisurely ride in the city FGBC is putting on a River Trail 100 River Trail 100 (km not miles ;)


  1. I've got left over bumper stickers from the original 2 Blundurd's, and results are floating around the weeb for all three...somewhere....

    wtf happened to r2b?!?

  2. that sounds great dave i called don and he is in as well.let me know if it is going to fly.

  3. Someone needs to bring up the rear...Nathan is Don buying supper afterwards?


  4. I finally got out my commitments for Sunday! I'm in, and probably will be behind Nathan!! Good thing is I'm light, if you need to drag me along!


    Hmmm... Camelback prolly needed.

  5. "Dan the Man" and "Eat my Dust Ed" are confirmed! That makes 7 so far!