Monday, September 10, 2007

XC8 2007: How do i love thee let me count the ways

1,400 dollars was the value of the Grand Prize 2007 Corsa World Cup

800ft of challenging climbs -- something for everyone no matter what your skill

83 racers took to the valley

40 is the number of years I have been on this earth

40 bucks was the price of a life times of great memories

34 teeth on my front chain ring... the smallest I have ever pushed

32-minutes for my fasted lap and 2-minutes more then the winner.

30-minutes of running trails with a broken chain.

20 tooth cog on an American classic single speed hub

16-minutes trying to beg-borrow-or-steal a spare tube and fix a stupid flat

15 lbs of superfly race bike that was not so super and didn’t really fly

14 bottles of water in 8-hours

13-hours of driving for the best race of the year

13 the number of laps I was capable of riding but didn’t!

12 the number of laps I wanted to do, but didn’t!

11 laps of repeatedly putting my chain back on… grrrrr!

10 registered single speeders that never bothered to show up. SLACKERS!

9.75 km of awesome trail

9 kudus go out to the hard working volunteers who put this shindig together!

8 Manitobans throwing it down!

8 isssss the number of hours I raced! Back at ya J ;)

7-hours of blaring tunes on the pod… thank God for ipods!

5-minutes of rain

4th place overall, and 11 laps of frustration, puttering, and running

4 very nasty crashes… all mine

3 provinces having it out… actually one province mopping up the floor with two others.

3 dead goats seriously kicking my butt… maybe that gives them the right to talk smack… not!

2-minute bonus (i.e., -2 minutes) for winning the prime, fat lot of good that did me.

2 times busting a nut at xc8, and definitely in for one more!

2 Awesome days at Buffalo Pound!

2 torn and bloody knees… both mine

2 is the number of times I was lapped by papa goat Single Speed Psycho Pat Doyle. Ride on dude!

2 other dead goats talking smack… wtf… not so friendly Alberta!

1 papa goat was cool with legs of steel

1.7 gear ratio… ridiculous!
1 MOPE... or so I am told ;D

1 broken helmet

1 lost power link

1 lost tube

1 lost ipod

1 flat

1 broken chain (on a single speed… wtf)

1 chain dropped 5 billion times

1 useless chain tensioner that lambasted my race

1 broken collarbone… but not mine. Sorry dude!

One Gear One Love!

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