Monday, May 21, 2007

Single Speed Hooligans

Ed is definitely a Hooligan on his Surly Monkey (39/16)

New Hooligan Dylan H ENOed his old race bike (38-16 )

Meet Chris Benson… The youngest Hooligan on the planet. Sweet bike Chris!

I think this is George (sorry if I am wrong) on a Kona at Sandilands. A new Hooligan.

Team Johnny. He just joined the club, and I will get a pic ASAP. He is definitely a hooligan!

Patrick Hummeny in the gully having a super hot day at XC8 2006. Zoom Zoom!

Superfly at Grand Beach 2007.

That is Paul La Point on my wheel getting ready to kick my butt!

Photo by Dave Benson

Tomek - was a hooligan but sold out for gears and a Cannondale.
The grass is not greener on the other side Tom!

Carl Decker

Dave Larsen (super nice guy)

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