Tuesday, March 6, 2007

USA Cycling Rule Change… rules weeds out sandbaggers

1C1. Categories of Riders

(c) Riders who have met the mandatory upgrade requirements must advance to the next category. This upgrade may also be made directly by USA Cycling.

I like this… Manitoba (and any Province that dose not already employ this idea) should patch these holes before the boat sinks. WTF is an upgrade you say. Placing in a race earns you points (e.g., top 3 riders: 1st 10 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 1 point). When you collect enough points, win an over-all points series or a Provincial Championship, you are automatically moved up. Chances are that if you are a Sport and win Provincials you will move to the back of the line in Expert. Suck it up buddy and work your ass off. In time you will pay your dues and work your way on to the podium (if that’s what you want). I know certain states will let you sit at one Cat just below semi-pro (Expert… I think) because of the genetics factor that is required to race at the next level. That is, some people will never ever… ever be that fast.

Every year same faces and same places!

Bottom Line:
Manitoba has about a zillion Sandbaggers! When you show up to just about any cup race you can safely bet your mortgage on the top 5 placing in most of the categories. Same old *&?%$. It would be nice if there we had some movement in the cats from time to time to allow other riders to at least see the finish line. See the news feed at the bottom of the Blog for more rule changes.

Coach Dave.

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