Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Movie and a Workout


Aerobic Capacity Repeats TT6min Pace (or CP6):

Rollers (with resistance fan) and fixie mountain bike


My mountain bike race protocol (I am sure you have your own) ~ 30 min


5 x TT6min pace , 1:1 work to rest,


4 min at near maximal aerobic capacity for each repetition


This is an extremely taxing workout that should be used just as you are nearing the race season (i.e., now) or during peak periods (e.g., before Provincials or Nationals). A bonus is that this strenuous work is beneficial for building lactate tolerance and prepping you for the crazy ass demands of racing till you puke. Use this type of workout sparingly or you will have trouble recovering. As I said it is extremely taxing both physiologically and psychologically.


The highest intensity that can be sustained for six minutes produces optimal results for aerobic capacity workouts

Cool Down & Movie:

Foxy Brown

"That was my sister, baby, and she's a whole lotta woman."

Blaxploitation at its best.

Coach Dave

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