Monday, March 5, 2007

Product Review: Montrail Continental Divide Trail Running Shoe

The Divides are my second model of Montrail, but the Hurricanes are still my favourite. Unfortunately, they had a design flaw and developed a hole in the uppers on both shoes.

The key characteristics of the Montrail Continental Divide: moderately ventilated dual-mesh upper, a sticky rubber on the outsole, fit and pronation control.

While Montrail's Continental Divide doesn't have the same waterproof and breathable membranes found in their trail running Hurricane Ridge XCR this running shoe does have the some medial pronation control, and is somewhat ventilated for my 20-mile long runs at Birch. `Back in the day` i frequently rolled my ankle so pronation control is a requirement to potentially reduce my chances for injury. Montrail claims to have made the Continental Divide with an extra wide base for stability, however I hardly think that the tread makes other backcountry running shoes look like fair-weather recreation fare. Up front you'll find a wide toe box, which i find critical for long trail runs. It also has a narrow arch and heel which helps hold my feet in place (i.e., no heel slip yet). If fit is a concern (and when is it not) Montrail incorporated their exclusive IntegraFit™ last design into the Continental Divide. They claim this data comes from using information they gathered from over 800000 pairs of digitally scanned feet to give you far better support, and an exceptional fit that surpasses many running shoes on the market.

Bottom Line: It is too early for me to know if this shoe performs well when the finish line is still 3-hours away down a rocky and unyielding trail… or more like 4-hour for me.

Time to go ride my bike,

Coach Dave

Description: From the web site:

Pound down the trail crashing through streams and brush in the Montrail Men's Continental Divide Trail Running Shoes. Montrail made the wide-fitting shoes for athletes who aggressively trail run. Terra Hex lining in the heel and forefoot displaces strikes from sharp terrain, and a TPU heel support strap keeps your foot locked in place while you're hammering up and down hills. Montrail's double-mesh upper dries quickly after stream crossings or mud puddles, and internal support panels hold your feet in place over uneven trails.

· Off-trail running
· Rough terrain travel
· Speed hiking
· Ultramarathons

· Secure heel fit
· Wide toe box
· TerraHex shear absorption
· Medium volume with roomy toe box

· Lower center of gravity
· Posted midsole for pronation resistance
· Molded protection plate for torsional control
· Wide and stable base


  1. I've had my eye on those shoes and am looking forward to your thorough thrashing of them for more details.