Monday, March 5, 2007

Official Unofficial Canadian Singlespeed Championship

After what has been a relatively smooth couple of years, the North Shore's popularity is causing another stir, one that has made its way from the forests to the sidewalk. With many residents complaining of "derelict" mountain bikers crowding streets at the access to Mt. Fromme, the municipality has taken action. Parking from the top of Mountain Highway to Coleman will now only be for residents. In a letter released by NSMBA, the issue raises cause for concern: "Although the trails on Fromme are not being targeted at this time, threatening statements have been made which do not bode well for future access for mountain bike riders." Visit to stay updated....The official/unofficial Canadian Singlespeed Championships are set for October 12 in Cumberland, Vancouver Island. Race organizers chose the weekend because it's an American holiday--there seems to be a desire to bring their southern brethren up for a good ol' battle in the saddle. Twenty loonies get you entry into the local-style, point-to-point race, a seafood BBQ and all the beer you can drink. For $18 Canadian a night riders can stay at the funky Riding Fool hostel above the shop. Visit and for more info.

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