Sunday, June 5, 2011

Manitoba Mountain Bike Cup #3: Falcon Dow To The Wire - Race Report

DNF for me today. Those Falcon rocks were relentless on my front tire :(
5 hours ago ·  · 

  • Jonathan Thompson likes this.

    • Ty  Dnf'd too. Stupid rocks.
      4 hours ago · 

    • Jonathan Ya gotta admit though, it was a great course they set up. That's what I call prairie mountain biking. :)
      3 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · 

    • Adam praire mountain biking with a lot of Canadian Shield! Best Falcon course i have been on yet!
      about an hour ago · 

    • Jonathan  Loved it!!!!
      about an hour ago · 

    • Ty  Agreed! Thanks Paul and Dylan!
      24 minutes ago · 

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