Saturday, May 7, 2011

Manitoba Mountain Bike Cup #1: Brandon Hills


  1. I am guessing that weight is a bad thing!

  2. I was not sure if that was heavy or not for you. I figured your bike, if you are still running the same one, weighs about 18 lbs or so? That means you geared up = 174lbs. I did not think that you were anywhere near that. I know you carry quite alot of muscle for a cyclist of your height. Are you like 5"9' or so? Or closer to 6" I can't remember as I have not seen you since the end of last year.

    Oh yeah... How did Brandon go? Word was you were battling a injury at the end of last year(?).

    I did not mean the weight comment as anything neagative. I was surprised to see someone who is quite a bit shorter than I, with that as a total weight. I figure I would probably come in at 225lb or so total. Maybe a little less. But I am enormous 6"5' and 198lbs (and fat) at the moment. BIke is 20.25lbs, but I have never done this experiment, so I am guessing.