Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Training Rides

I was planning on getting some time on the Brandon Hills racecourse but never heard back from Aaron. WTF? Brandon Greg says there is way too much snow anyway, and is suggesting that the race will have to be postpone to allow for more drying time. I was planning to get some time on the Grand Beach racecourse, but Steve the Viking says there is still too much snow out there as well. WTF? Now the plan is to ride out to Bur Oak, and put in 5-6 hours of going round and round and round. Oh joy!

κυλά χριστινα


  1. If you're needing 5 hrs it must be base fitness and endurance your working not technical skills. Why not do base laps around BHP and then attack Bur Oak for an hour or so?

  2. I have put in ~10 x 100 milers so far on the road. Not sure why you would think that because it is long it is 'base'. A 2-hour mb race is at LTh. Actually, I will put in ~4 hours at ~177 bpm (~93% FTP). Although Bur Oak might seem "technical" to some it is a bit of a drag for me, and I find it very hard to get my hr up sufficiently for any type of intensity. Anyway pre-comp should be as sports specific as possible (thus wanting to to train on the race course).

    Have a great day Tim!

  3. Grand Beach is in fine shape. Some snow/ice but short ssections of 3 metres long, but every 10 metres. And 3-4 trees down on the Ancient Beach trail. One hill on the ski trail is ice packed, but the race trail goes around it. Sand and footing are solid, making the Hay-bale hill with the sand pits quite doable. This is as of Sat., 23/04/11 - big rain + frost coming out of the ground would change things a lot, but that's not in the forecast. Have fun.

  4. I never suggested the postponement. I have nothing to do with it this year except helping cut some trail..

    I did say there was too much snow to ride this LAST WEEKEND to someone. It "might" be dry enough to ride this weekend..

    The call was made by the organizers, and had nothing to do with me.

    Just so you know... see you soon.

  5. Opps. My bad. Thanks for the update. I take it that means you are racing.

  6. Thinking about it.. now that I shook off a few weeks of pneumonia.

    Nice to see my old friends.! Even if they are kicking my butt.

  7. AHH! Sorry about the no-call Dave! My fault totally! Sorry again.


  8. No worries. All is well that ends well But could you please do something about the weather?