Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Absa Cape Epic Stage 4 - Sauser and Stander Do It Again!

It's a first for the Absa Cape Epic - two time trials in the 2011 race! This was a 32km route through the foothills of Brandwacht. As in 2010, riders traversed the western side of Worcester in this semi-desert environment. Added to last year's route was an extra 5km loop along dual track past the local golf course. The route data read 860m of climbing which may not seem like a lot, but over such a short distance, it still required a hard effort. As usual, the top teams left at 1 minute intervals, racing only against the clock; some looking for a stage win while others wanted to consolidate.

Master's category
The Juwi team (Carsten Bresser and Udo Boelts) won the time trail stage in 1:18.14 (overall 17:23.48), followed by the Nandos team of Adrian Enthoven and Gerrie Beukes in a time of 1:22.34 (overall 18:34.53). Robert Sim and Doug Brown of the Robert Daniel team in 1:22.44 were third (overall 18:10.07). Sim and Brown are still in second place overall in this category and the Juwi team lead by one hour, 11 minutes and five seconds.

"Every stage in this race is punishment, but the racing atmosphere is so fantastic that I can't hold back," said Enthoven. "Luckily Adrien and I are similar riders. This was another hard day - shorter doesn't mean easier. The shorter distance means it's intensity is higher. The cooler weather made a difference though and we enjoyed it."

Don and Gary achieved the following results:
Stage Time
Overall Time
Dion's Status
Don is no longer riding with his original team partner but he is still in the race.
As an individual rider he does not qualify for a position ranking but will continue to receive a time for each stage and his/her overall time for the race.
Gary's Status
Sewell Gary did not complete a stage in the race.
He/she may continue riding but will not receive a position ranking or an overall time for the race.

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