Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Absa Cape Epic Stage 1 - updated

Stage 1's distance was a shade under 90km (with 2050m of climbing), which may sound short but it was not to be underestimated! The flat roads out of town left few clues as to what was to come. Very soon the short(ish) but incredibly steep, rough and loose climbs appeared, and on the treacherous descents, volley-balled sized rocks and sand patches pocked the little-used dual tracks. While the pros made short work of it, the first 50km took some backmarkers over five hours. The stage's last climb on some rough roads brought riders to the top of one of the most precariously difficult downhills they've seen at the Absa Cape Epic. With large rocks, deep ruts and a sheer drop on the left, riders were wise to take it slow.

Gary and Don achieved the following results:

Stage Time
Stage Position
102. in Masters category and 343. in general classification
Overall Time
Overall Position
102. in Masters category and in 339. general classification

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