Friday, October 1, 2010

Race Report: Wildwood Photo Dump

Team Gnarf!ck came out to demonstrate what racing a single speed means!

Adam rocking the house despite a 'late night'.

The war was fought in the trenches.

Paul showing us why Paul is Paul.

'Cricket' digging deep.

Don putting us all to shame.

Never say die. Never surrender!

Team Gnarf!ck in the house.

Feeling the love.

A slow start for everyone but Tristan.

With a late start due to the largest 'B' field in history there was no time for seeding 'A'.
What a nice problem to have.

Sunny, warm, and dry. Are you sure this is Cross?

Ripping it up over the barriers.

Going for the burn!

Very tight corning, muddy single track, and
long open straight made for a tough on-the-gas race.

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