Saturday, October 2, 2010

La Barrier Cross: Pre-ride on an awesomer course.

Tomorrow would have been the third installment of the Manitoba Cyclocross Race Series at Omands Creek if it hadn’t been cancelled. F**k those Parks People. What do they know anyway? When I heard the bad news I felt like we were with the ball on our own 15-yard line, losing 14-10, with one minute and fifty-one seconds left in the fourth quarter. That’s a pretty bad feeling. However, some last-minute creative thinking, and a ‘Hail Mary Pass’ saved the day. We now have permission to race at La Barrier. Yes! Touch down!

This race won’t be the same old song and dance for Manitoba Cyclocross fans. No Sir! This course isn’t a dirt road race, nor a mountain bike race, nor a ‘stay on your bike for the whole race race’… (deep breath). This is a course that should favor a 'cross rider’ on a 'cross bike’… with gears.

I know this because after pounding stakes with the chain gang (Gary, Allan, Colin, Terry, Hal, Chris, Jon, Kevin, Seema, and Brad) I was able to enjoy a sunset pre-ride of the La Barrier Cross course. I think this race has the potential to be even better then Menno Cross. Say it slowly... E V E N B E T T E R T H E N M E N N O C R O S S! The race will start and end in the main field after multiple laps of suffering. Each lap has two barriers, tight corners, high speed straights, and hills. That’s right you had better bring your climbing legs, and be prepared to get off your cross bike and run like Herschel Walker. In a word this course is awesomer!

Have a hardy breakfast and save the whine for dinner.

Don't get mad. Get Cross!

Coach Dave

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