Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cyclocross #7: Halloween Cross Report - kinda

Wow being an idiot can be fun! I screamed, yelled and howled until my voice cracked.
 I heckled, harassed and tormented the goblins, ghouls and witches who came out to play in the mud at Halloween Cross. Who am I kidding? Suffering is what I really wanted to do! I really really wanted to attack the long, wet, technical hills. The hills that were kick a** and everyone was getting their a** kicked, expect Chris H who definitely kicked some a**! That got me to wondering what a really kick a** hill would look like, feel like and kick like. I think this 'little' hill (see video) fits the definition of a kick a** cross race. Oh well, the Red River Racing boys and girls promised to give me a second chance to get my a** kicked next year.

Talking about next, the 2nd last chance to get your a** kicked, kick someone's or just kick it is next Sunday at The Provincial Cross Championships. Ollie promises to take it up a notch with a new, never raced, and very technical course. 

Don't get mad. Get Cross. 

Info Here


  1. Great Heckling (& Encouraging) today Coach D!! Thanks! Great to see you out supporting the races even though you were unable to race. Hope to see you back kicking #$@ soon!

  2. Thanks for your kind words JP :) I will be back... but probably not soon :(

  3. Why yes, and just hours ago! Magic! Can you contact me at


    Thanks :)

  4. CPI I am sorry. I did not receive any email. Replace the AT with @ and the Dot with a . :)