Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cyclocross #6: Cross-Tastic Pre-race Report

I have been asking for more. More sand, more mud, more barriers, run-ups, and let me now add snow (this is WinterPeg), puke, cowbells and of course suffering. So far, I have been able to check off the first four requirements of great cross racing.

Wildwood, started the 2010 season off while setting the tone for ‘stay on your bike cyclocross’ a.k.a Manitoba style cross. What can I say about Menno Cross that has not been said already? It was, and will be the benchmark for other races looking to step it up a notch. La Barrier was the last minute touchdown that saved the day. Oh and what a day! Where Menno had mud, La Barrier had ‘stairs’, off camber chicanes, and a 60 km headwind. Definitely a keeper! Double cross made its return the next race weekend. St. Malo’s the patron St. of sand and kick ass run ups on Saturday, and Cross in the South were mountain bike doubles as cyclcross on Sunday. By all accounts, both races were worth the drive. That brings us to the sixth installment of the Manitoba style cross at Whittier Park by the Old Fort in St. Boniface.

It seems that every race this year upped the ante, and became just that little bit more awesome then the previous race. You can feel the vibe. The attendance is way up and people are having fun, but is that all? I mean I was hoping to see Jesus (aren't we all?), or at least go to that dark place we don't speak of. Don't worry cross fans. Never-to-be-out-done-Gary Sewell (the Mother Teresa of cyclocross) promises that you can “wash your sins away in the pit of despair” .

It would seem that I will be able to check one more item off my list this Sunday afternoon. Suffering.

Don’t get mad. Get Cross!

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  1. You're right in your observation - the crowds are there with an exciting vibe. Prizes help and the weather too, but maybe the secret is out - it's just plain fun!