Saturday, September 25, 2010

Menno Cross: Awesome Course

Today is the second installment of the Manitoba Cyclocross Race Series, and the buzz has become a roar of anticipation. I couldn't wait to see what those crafty Mennos would put together this year so I went out for a late night pre-ride. Awesome is one word the gentlemen in Fort Gary sure like to use a lot, and Menno Cross is definitely awesome. Even more awesome then the companying video. Yet the 2010 version of Menno Cross is so much more. I like my daughter's newest favorite word... SOLID. Yet that does not capture the flavor of this brand of cross either since the course is almost completely covered by liquid. Not the Belgian Blonde type (sorry Ollie), but the Manitoba Dark kind - sweet chocolate malts and a bit of molasses coming through. The other Menno Cross races were pretty unforgettable too, but overall, this is the best course ever brewed by Mennonites (do they drink?). I think this one has the potential to be even better then Southern Cross. I wouldn't be embarrassed to offer this solid MB dark with it's unique flavor to someone, but I would probably preface it by stating "this is going to be awesome!"

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