Monday, August 9, 2010

On The Road: Winnipeg to Kenora Report

Road test and a gear change (52/16 to 52/18) on Friday

Starting 2-hours late was not the plan but...

Loaded with tools, food and 10 lbs of H20 makes for one pig of a bike.

After 20 minutes I decided to take a different route.

House to hotel: Just under 150 miles

Total time riding: ~9-hours

Calories burned: ~ 9000 kcal

Ave pace: ~ 25.1 km/hr (15.666 mile/hr) with a cross wind much of the way.
Maintained a pace of 30 km/hr most of the trip.

Gear: 52/18 – I was afraid that I would be over geared on the hills and into the wind

# of near death encounters: 3

Road kill count: 2 – snake, skunk, but not me!

Other cyclists: Zero :(

Litres of water: ~ 10

Litres of Gator Aide: 6

Food: 3 avocados, 4 Cliff bars, 4 Power Gels,

Number of mechanicals: zero

Cramps: zero

Best moment: The loneliness of long distance cycling and finishing!

Worst moment: ignorant truckers

Total Cost: Priceless


  1. Well done. That was a hot humid day. We did the Muddy Waters 100. Believe me when I say I would not have wanted another 50m. Tim T.

  2. Fantastic! Way to go Dave. SS touring over those hills takes commitment - and power.

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  4. Thanks Tim: I remember my first 100 miler and the suffering that went with it. On Saturday the weather grow hotter as I pushed East against the wind, but I will never become weary of the joy sunshine brings to my spirit, mind and body.

    Thanks Dave: The gear was slightly tall and I had to stay 'on top of it' the whole time. The hills brought a much-needed break from the monotony of an endless sky. I did not quite make it to Kansas but I felt the wonder of Dorothy in OZ when I realized the roads are paved with gold in Ontario.

  5. For a rabbit you sure do know how to go the disdance. Absolutely awesome.

    As for comparing it to muddy waters, well that event is catered so no comparison.

    Dallas "yowza" SIGURUR

  6. Thanks Dallas: It was a little bit more challenging then Muddy H20 ;) but also lots of fun. Unfortunately, they were only serving Cliff bars, gels and water on this trip. Next year I think I will try something a little more exciting like gummy bears.