Friday, July 16, 2010

24-Hours of Falcon: A Race With In A Race

Why YOU Should Do This:

1. No cut off - just ride
2. No pressure - just ride
3. You can ride as much or as little as you want
4. You can race as fast or slow as you like
5. What you do is what you do - its all good
6. Good people + great trails (when not under water) = good times
7. Support local races or we will not have any local races
8. Test your metal against the hardened men of the North (i.e., Dallas and Patrick)
9. To say... "I did it".
10. Night riding is super fun :)
11. To hang with the cool kids
13. Your diesel not high octane
14. You get to stay up past your bed time
15. Others?

Men's/Women's solo field looks like this:

Gordon Sokolosky
Patrick Humenny
I-don't-know-who-you-are-but-i-am-sure-your-fast-Dennis Logan
I-am-tougher-then-nails-Alex Mann
Quadzila-Cris Labossiere
Diesel-Dallas Sigurdur
Le Destructor-
David Larsen

Jumping-Jack-Flash-Janice Brigdon (I'm working on her ;)
Ghost Rider-Seema Saini
Triathlon-is-the-Darkside- Cat (undecided)
I-need-Hal-to-hold-my-hand-Cory Smith
I-need-Cory-to-hold-my-hand-Hal Lowen

Note: that pre-registration closes at the end of the day on Tuesday, July 20. Race day registration will be available, but it goes up to $75. And you have to show up really early. So register now and buy yourself a few more hours of sleep. You might need it later in the race.


  1. I'll be doing team of 2 with Hal because of my upcoming Leadville race.Need to leave some fuel in the tank.

  2. Sweetie, honey, dearest... You test your mettle in a sporting event...
    You test your metal when you're checking your bike frame...

    Just so's you know's

  3. ... actually sweetie I am going to test my 'metal' since my 'carbon' is bust and honey in this case it is an alloy rather then steel...

    Just so you know :0