Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iron Lung XC and Organ Grinder Enduro 2010

Along with the the new races we also debuted the Nordic Center's incredible new trail network. Laid out and cut by none other than Matt Hadley, this trail network was intended to be a race course from the get go. Racers were treated to a course that required every bit of technical skill and fitness that a they could muster. The reward for their intense efforts were flowy trails that could be ridden by anyone, but only ridden fast by those with skill. Giant grins were the order of the day on both day's and although the courses were extremely demanding they were just plain fun ... goofy fun! Everyone was definitely ready for the fun to come back to MTB racing it seemed.

I won't go on, but "best ever course" is a pretty bold statement when you're at the Nordic Center, but that is what was being said by old and new racers alike ... perhaps another Canmore classic has been born!!

Team Cyclemeisters press release

Conrads to Patrick(Organ Grinder) and Anne (Iron Lung) who represented the home team last weekend at the Nordic Center. I imagine it was good times!

Iron Lung Results

Organ Grinder Results


Race Report

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  1. rigid SS had me in the hurt locker pretty much right SS cat(which was weird as it was part of the enduro series...meh) ah well, normal ss guys around here were on full squish geared machines, I shoulda known...thanks for the shout out.