Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ten things you should never do the night before the race

10. Take your bike apart

9. Stop/start smoking

8. Sweat lodge

7. Break up with your girl/boy friend/wife

6. Vasectomy

5. Start training

4. Drink all night and skip breakfast

3. Pull an all-nighter before your final exam

2. Brag or trash talk and generally piss everyone off

1. Take laxatives

Pedal until you puke!


  1. I've already done 3 of 10 today and was planning on doing a few more. At least I have excuses lined up then...

  2. 11. Try and rebuild pedals only to find you don't have the right tool.

  3. LOL!! I did nuber 8 once by accident. Was not thinking at all. It was the year we had provincials at Assessippi. It was crazy hot and for some reason I felt the need to jump in the HOT TUB the night before. Stupid. Number 11 is why I don't use eggbeaters anymore.

  4. I think you must have been smoking crack that night. A hot tube the night before a +45C race?

    I am seriously considering ditching the eggs. I have broken soooo many pedals, an only one spd EVER.

    I will wait and see what the 'new and improved' ones are like then decide.

  5. I got a set of the new LOOK MTB pedals. So far they rock. I know they had some issues last year but they sorted that out. They are very inexpensive for the entry lvl and only weigh like 20 grams more for the set than a pair of the EB pedals the step before they get out of hand in the price dept.

    Yeah, stupid the day before I was flying up the climbs in the middle ring easy. Race day NOTHING. I emptied my camelbak before the race even started. Can you say dehydration.