Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Western Canada (?) XC Marathon Race Series

The Enduro Series is comprised of off-road events with courses longer then 60km. The courses can be either a marathon format where the competitor has to complete the set distance over 60 km or they can be a timed event where the competitor completes as many laps as they are able to in a set amount of time.

May 23

Trans Stony

Stony Plain


Alberta MTB Racing

May 29





Aug 29

Hinton Marathon



Nathan Froehler

Sept 19

Bow 80

Bragg Creek


Bow Cycle

The Western Canadian XC Marathon Points will be calculated as follows: Racers will receive one point for 1st place, 2 points for second place, 3 points for third place etc. Lowest points wins!

There will be two categories, Male and Female. Each riders placing (1,2,3,etc) in their category will be calculated by the finishing time of each racer that competes in the full distance of the race. An example of this is the Nordegg Enduro which will be run by regular ability based categories. Most ability categories will compete in the full distance; however youth categories will likely race a shorter loop and will therefore not be counted in the Enduro standings.

Racers must complete at least three races to qualify for the series standings. After three races, all racers who complete more than three races will have their worst (highest) score dropped so that only the best three races will be figured into the standings.

The Bow 80 placing will be used to break any ties. If any racers with tied scores fail to compete in the Bow 80, the tie will stand. If one racer competes in the Bow 80, that racer will be scored ahead of the other tied racer.

Bottom Line
You know what I am thinking!

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