Thursday, April 22, 2010

Manitoba Mountain Bike Cup #1: May 2st 2010 -->Updated

Personality Profile: Extroverts

Aptitude: Speed requiring high energy

Strengths: ITTs

Emotional Intelligence: Quirky

Similar Candy: Twisted Taffy

Similar Car Sport: NASA Car

Representative Colour: Green

Sign: Leo

Update: 22:30 hot lap. Very dry. 40/16

Update April 27th: Rock garden back in. 3 x 26 minute laps on 40 x 16 and I think the course is actually longer now!

Update April 29th: Forecast is for sh*t - snow + rain + cold + wind = Grand Beach... I wonder how many people will still race in the snow?

Update April 29th: Race will only be cancelled if there is lighting so HTFUP!

Update April 29th: From the MCA Web Page

What decisions factor into considering to cancel a race:

rider safety
reasonable comfort of riders
reasonable comfort of volunteers and officials
desire to maintain MCA schedule
potential economic effects of holding a race in dismal conditions; our volunteer organisers should always be kept in mind

Update May 1: From Olympia Club Page
Rain-Snow-Or-Shine... We Race!


  1. You fast.. seems like a fast course as well with that gear.

  2. That remains to be seen. You can push a big gear slowly... Mash! that was only one fast lap... if you are going that fast by lap 5... You win! Either way it was a fun ride, on a fast course which should appeal to the less technical riders.

  3. Doh.. the rocks are my favourite part. Specialy those ones I went down when I took everyone off course! ;-)

  4. That's easily my favourite part too.

  5. We were trying to meet the 20-minute loop standard and tried a number of different combinations with varying degrees of success. The loop is still 5-minutes to long in dry conditions. Oh well you can't please all of the people all of the time.

  6. Ok. Chuck the 20-minute standard out the window. I was riding both the rock garden #1 and #2 + the new 'twister single track section' on the biggest gear I have ever pushed at GB in very dry conditions, and only putting in 26:30 lap times.

    Although we will go sub 25, and maybe even sub 21-min with gears, I do not believe anyone can average sub 20-min. This makes setting the lap count difficult. The idea is to give the sports at least 2-laps and meet the time guidelines, and this works well with a 20-min lap. Then we work up from there:

    Citizen 1 lap
    Sport 2 laps
    Comp 3 Laps
    Expert 4 Laps
    Elite 5 Laps

    With a 25+ lap we have to chop off a lap for each cat, and unless it was a mega super long lap, I personally would not want to fork $ out for one lap.

  7. AFAIK at 25 min a lap experts would do 4, at 19 mins a lap they would do 5... 25 min= 1:40 which is between the 1:30 and 1:45 time frame for them.

    But then what do I know... thanks for the update though. Just tested my race gears for G.B. a little high for out here... maybe... I'm racing on recovery week anyways, so i don't expect much..

  8. Mmm … yes and no. “I” did 8 solid laps of sub 30-min on the old course which fits the records for pervious races where the averaged lap times were around 30-mins (4 laps) with the leaders finishing at 1:30. One year Bill B, and I finished 5 laps in 1:44 (21-min laps) but I think there was no rock garden #1 (a.k.a North Shore section). If 25 minutes is ‘best’ time for ‘myself’, I do not think it will be an average for “them”.
    If Dan, Oly, and Jason are feeding off each other the lap times will be very short. Whatever we hammer out for the first lap will be dramatically slower by the last one. Laps are adjusted for weather and such by removing the rock garden #1 if the course turns into oatmeal.

    I take it then you are doing the extra lap.

    What “high” gear are you pushing for the race?

    Racing on a recovery week = more recovered, and on a peak week = dead as a doorknob.

  9. No extra lap, I think I'm slow, so I'm trying a race in expert first, and see how she goes.. plus I'm real slow on the big wheels with no gears.

    Most likely 2:1+wagon wheels, but will figure after a warmup lap.

    The rain is here already... see you in the muck.